Benzene-Specific Monitors for Ultimate Worksite Safety

In many industries, workers are often faced with hazardous atmospheric conditions, including the exposure to benzene.

Because this colorless chemical compound can be quick-moving, it’s imperative to utilize benzene-specific detectors to properly monitor present levels–preventing major health risks to personnel on-site.

Benzene-Specific Monitors for Ultimate Worksite Safety - ION Science

Real-Time Data

An important feature of a benzene-specific gas detection system is its ability to calculate and transmit data in real-time to personnel within the field. The fast transition of data allows dangerous situations to be preventable, as quick decisions can be made. In addition, this feature can help ensure personnel and facility safety.  

Accuracy and Reliability

With many of these detectors acquiring parts-per-billion sensitivity, enhanced accuracy and reliability can be achieved. Due to this capability, detectors can provide readings that are much more specific in various work settings, environments and atmospheres–promoting ultimate worksite safety. 

Continuous Monitoring

Whether setting up an off-shore rig or repairing machinery in a processing plant, these detectors use continuous monitoring processes in a variety of harsh working environments. While improving personnel safety, this capability allows workers to complete their tasks while having constant information at their fingertips. 

Titan, by ION Science, is the world’s first fixed, continuous benzene-specific monitor, designed for petrochemical environments. The instrument provides an immediate warning alarm system of hazardous conditions, as well as stores data internally and can be downloaded remotely for prolonged analysis.

Designed to be easily installed and serviced, the modular design of the Titan allows continual monitoring of benzene in real-time, providing a prominent device for plant and worker safety. 

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