The Effects of Humidity on Indoor Air Quality - ION Science
Air Quality Monitoring
28th March 2019

The Effects of Humidity on Indoor Air Quality

Relative humidity refers to the percentage of water vapor in the air at a given temperature, compared with water vapor that the air is capable of holding at that temperature. …
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Air Quality MonitoringOil & Gas
7th December 2018

Effectively Using Gas Detection Equipment

Gas detection equipment is used to consistently detect combustible, flammable and toxic gases throughout diverse locations for an array of industries. Air monitoring through gas detection equipment can be considered…
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Air Quality MonitoringTiger
8th July 2016

ION Science Tiger VOC detector used by leading Thai indoor air quality monitoring specialist

Ion Science high-performance Tiger handheld VOC detector has been chosen by Clean Air (Thailand) Company Ltd to measure potentially harmful total volatile organic compounds in a variety of offices, hospitals, hotels…
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