The Importance of Combustion Gas Leak Detection

Within various industries, the refineries, pipelines, offshore platforms, and other facilities contain hazardous atmospheres as a result of dangerous gases being both used and produced. 

Due to safety concerns, performance of products and systems, liability concerns and health concerns, it is becoming increasingly important for industries to implement adequate combustion gas leak detection. 

The Importance of Combustion Gas Leak Detection - ION Science

Protect Property and Personnel

Combustion gas leaks from small defects or vibrations can be dangerous, expensive, time consuming, and a potential for explosions, sickness or death. Gas leak detectors can help ensure the safety of company property, assets and personnel. 

Real-Time Data

If a combustion gas leak goes undetected, the effects can be catastrophic. Gas leak detectors are equipped with transmitters and innovative technology that are capable of displaying real-time data. This data can be used to make prompt adjustments to equipment or alert personnel.

Safety Regulations

As concerns about the environment have grown, many industries have been facing strict safety regulations. Combustion gas leak detectors installed on-site allow employees to make their workplaces as safe as possible, satisfying the requirements of the authorities. 

The Importance of Combustion Gas Leak Detection - ION Science

ION Science offers portable, handheld gas leak detectors, capable of detecting and monitoring various combustion gases in real-time. GasCheck G from ION Science is a handheld leak detector for the rapid, accurate detection and measurement of gas leaks down to cc/sec, mg/m³or ppm levels. 

The instrument’s easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive keypad allows for simple function, selection and adjustment. Robust and reliable, GasCheck G incorporates an LCD display, LED indicator and audible sounder that clearly indicate the combustion gas leak present. 

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