Due to the type of work that is performed within laboratories, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic gases can often be found in the surrounding atmospheres.

In laboratories, these toxic gases may include chlorine, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide; oxygen depletion may also occur in many research and manufacturing facilities. 

In poorly ventilated areas within laboratories, chlorine and nitrogen oxide, which are corrosive and toxic, can post asphyxiation risks if leaks occur. Other leaks of various gases can pose explosion and flammability risks. Gases are typically stored in pressurized cylinders and improper handling can lead to cylinder damage with potential pressure discharge and explosions. 

From trip hazards, dangerous leaks, entry protection, flammable materials and bio-hazards, continuous gas detection is essential to ensure worker safety and proper compliance with health and safety legislation. 

Gas detection systems with audible and visual alarms can provide early warning of leaks within laboratories, reducing both short-term and long-term exposure to toxic gases. 

TVOC® from ION Science is a fixed, continuous photoionization detector (PID) for the detection and measurement of toxic gases. Simple to install, service and calibrate, the TVOC® offers a wide VOC detection coverage utilizing its advanced patented Fence Electrode Technology, offering increased resistance to humidity.

In addition, TVOC® utilizes a diffusive sample technique, which results in less contamination, lamp cleaning and servicing requirements, compared to pumped systems­. 

To learn more about utilizing the TVOC® for laboratory applications, visit https://www.ionscience-usa.com/products/tvoc-fixed-pid-detector-for-vocs/, or contact us at (877) 864-7710.