Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detection

By 5th April 2019Gas Detection

Workplace air quality hinges on two requirements: the proper assessment of existing or potential atmospheric conditions, and the implementation of procedures to eliminate and maintain safe workplace conditions.

Ultimately, the difference between portable and fixed gas detection is their monitoring abilities. Portable instruments can assist workers upon the entry of an affected area, while fixed instruments can provide continuous monitoring. Although both can help achieve safety, one may be better suited for a facility than the other. 

Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detection - ION Science

When deciding which approach to use, consider the following questions: 

1. What atmospheric hazards are present?Understanding the danger associated with the potential containments that may be affecting the air quality is critical to structuring an appropriate gas detection system.  

2. Are the hazards chronically present?It is important to consider if the potential hazards are known to chronically exist in areas where workers are routinely present. In this case, fixed detection may be necessary. 

3.  What is the nature of work? Overall, when choosing a gas detection system, it is vital to consider the day-to-day operations that are performed. If it is standard to enter a confined space or work remotely, portable instruments may beneficial.

ION Science manufactures a range of technologically-advanced fixed and portable gas detection equipment, utilizing industry-leading photoionization technology.

Fixed vs. Portable Gas Detection - ION Science

The Tiger VOC detector is a handheld, portable gas detection instrument for the rapid, accurate detection of VOCs within the harshest of environments, utilizing its humidity-resistant and anti-contamination design. 

The Falco TAC is a fixed VOC detector that can continuously detect the presence of TACs in extreme weather conditions and condensing atmospheres, utilizing its typhoon technology capable of safeguarding the PID sensor from moisture

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