The Role of Gas Detection in the Food & Beverage Industry

By 9th May 2019Gas Detection

Various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gases, including carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide, may be present in significant levels throughout many stages of food and beverage preparation. 

Residues of fumigants and pesticides may remain on food ingredients and concentrations of these should be properly monitored as a part of an industrial hygiene policy in the food and beverage market. This gases may include acrolein, carbon disulphide, iodomethane and phosphine. 

Food preservation may release other noxious gases into the atmosphere, like ammonia, that are widely used in meat and fish packing. Ethylene may be used to accelerate the ripening of fruits and may be emitted from storage.

Other occupational hygiene considerations in the food preparation industry include monitoring for carbon dioxide, which may be used to retard the ripening of fruit, as an ingredient of sparkling beverage and as an inert atmosphere for packing. 

Gas detection provides real-time data for food and beverage workers to identify which concerns need to be addressed immediately and which can be integrated with recurring maintenance practices, ensuring ongoing safety for all personnel. Gas detectors may also be deployed as a part of microbiological monitoring, including as microorganisms including E-coli and mycobacteria will produce tell-tale emissions. 

Fumigation gases can be readily detected and measured by various ION Science instruments, like the Tiger and the Falco VOC detectors.  

For point inspections of raw materials, intermediates and finished products, the Tiger is a portable instrument that offers easy, single-handed operation for the rapid and accurate detection of VOC concentrations as low as one part-per-billion (0.001 ppm). The Falco is a fixed VOC detector that offers continuous monitoring of wide areas, providing measurements and records of total VOC content. 

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