Toxic Gas Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry

Reliable and accurate gas detection and monitoring systems are an essential element in the semiconductor industry, as they ensure the plant’s safety system.

Managing gas hazards effectively and efficiently, toxic gas monitoring systems benefit the semiconductor industry in various applications.

Toxic Gas Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry - ION ScienceArea Monitoring

Toxic gases are stored and distributed in the semiconductor plant. In these operations, hazardous gases could leak or spill into the surrounding area. With so many opportunities for leakage, continuous monitoring with gas detection systems is an essential part of keeping the plant safe.

Pumps, control valves, manifolds, piping junctions, fittings and connections are susceptible sources for leaks or spills.

 Flammability Monitoring

Process tools are enclosed areas throughout the semiconductor industry in which specific water processing functions occur. As these process tools may handle flammable gases, gas detection systems are required to ensure safety and comply with facility codes.

Some of the process tools that require monitoring of flammable gases include furnaces, reactors, alcohol vapor dryers and ion implanters.

Toxic Gas Monitoring in the Semiconductor Industry - ION ScienceParts per Million Detection

Containers of toxic gases are often isolated from the surrounding environment by enclosures, or gas cabinets. It is important to properly monitor gas cabinets for leaks to save product and prevent accidents. Detecting the leak requires a gas monitor in the low ppm range, allowing continuous sampling of all air moving through the enclosure.

In addition to enclosures, continuous safety monitoring is important in equipment chases and clean rooms. When a leak is detected, the detection system can sound an alarm to notify personnel and prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring within the facility.

 ION Science offers a wide range of instruments that can detect toxic gases at very low concentrations, therefore capable of sensing contamination. Our products are designed to keep the semiconductor industry clean and safe, while achieving the highest level of product quality control.

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