Mercury Vapor Detection in the Automotive Industry

According to studies, automobiles are one of the nation’s largest sources of toxic mercury vapor and emissions.

Properly contained and controlled, mercury can be used safely. However, high levels of mercury vapor is highly toxic to both humans and wildlife and is released when automobiles are scrapped. 

Despite the alternatives that could be used to phase out dangerous exposure levels, mercury continues to be widely used in the automotive industry, primarily within auto switches. 

Exposure to excessive levels of mercury can permanent damage or fatally injure the brain and kidneys. Elemental mercury can also be absorbed through the skin and cause allergic reactions. Within an automotive working environment, mercury spills of even small amounts can contaminate the indoor air within a facility, as there have been reported cases of death due to the improper cleanup of a spill. 

Therefore, with the chemical being highly toxic, effective mercury detection within this industry is vital to ensure a safer environment. 

The Mercury Vapor Indicator (MVI) from ION Science is a revolutionary mercury detector that can detect the real-time presence of mercury vapors in just three seconds. The instrument’s dual-beam UV absorption technology eliminates the need to regenerate between readings, unlike traditional gold film detection methods that cause instrument downtime. 

Ergonomically designed with simple, one-handed operation, MVI mercury vapor detector is the ideal survey unit for rapid and accurate mercury detection within the automotive industry.

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