MRI Maintenance: Helium Leak Detectors

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines present a medical phenomenon: allowing parts of the body to be studied efficiently.

While the resulting images are important for diagnosis and further understanding of a medical issue, it is of equal importance that the procedure be safe and controlled.  

During the MRI machine’s process, the internal magnet can become overheated. However, when surrounding the magnet, liquid helium produces a cooling effect and can remedy the danger of overheating. 

Although one danger can be avoided with the use of helium, it can pose its own risk, as oxygen displacement would occur from high emission levels.

Because helium is a colorless and odorless gas, a leak detector is essential for proper detection of helium gas leaks. Utilizing a leak detector to monitor the levels of helium present in the atmosphere can help ensure the safety of users. 

Designed for effective use within high magnetic fields found around the outside of MRI scanners, the GasCheck Tesla handheld leak detector from ION Science is an ideal component for MRI scanner maintenance. The instrument’s advanced micro-thermal conductivity sensor provides rapid, accurate measurement of helium, and other gases, down to ultra-low levels. 

GasCheck Tesla can be used on a machine while in operation, meaning interruptions to the machinery are avoided. With the GasCheck Tesla, helium gas leaks are found quickly–reducing cost, wastage and downtime to the machinery. 

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