Placement Tips for Fixed Gas Detection Equipment

In various industries, fixed gas detection systems play a significant role in maintaining safe working environments for employees, as they perform a number of accurate and reliable functions. However, to ensure they are used as efficiently as possible, proper placement of these monitors is a vital factor to consider. 

Placement Tips for Fixed Gas Detection Equipment - ION Science

To determine proper placement of fixed gas detection systems, consider these tips: 

1. Evaluate the Work Environment

When deciding the placement for fixed gas detectors it is important to consider the work environment in which they will be used. In most facilities, the most common environmental factors include extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. It’s crucial to place detectors where they will be able to quickly detect issues and alert workers of hazardous conditions. 

2. Determine Contact Areas

As gases do not always behave consistently, consider air flow conditions, as well as potential gas pocket areas when contemplating detector placement. To ensure effective use, placing the monitors close to the gas source or in areas where air currents are likely to produce high gas concentrations is important. 

3. Consider the Detection Range

Although today’s fixed gas detectors are energy-efficient, placement issues could result in numerous false alarms. To guard against this, it is important to consider the detection range of a facility’s fixed gas detection system. To ensure accuracy, they should be placed in areas that the detection range will be most effective. 

Placement Tips for Fixed Gas Detection Equipment - ION Science

ION Science offers innovative fixed gas detection systems capable of detecting a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like the Falco. 

Designed with typhoon technology for extreme weather conditions, the Falco eliminates false readings with its multi-colored LED status display that can be seen from a distance of twenty meters in sunlight, offering a true placement solution.  

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