Tips to Prevent Gas Leaks in Industrial Facilities

To ensure the safety of those working inside an industrial facility that utilizes gas, plants have to meet regulations and requirements that must be upheld regularly. Apart from regular inspections, personnel must maintain safety processes to help prevent or reduce the frequency of dangerous gas leaks.

Tips to Prevent Gas Leaks in Industrial Facilities - ION ScienceConduct Inspections

Gas leaks from equipment can become dangerous and costly. Conducting routine leak detection inspections to a facility can help prevent untoward incidents, avoid uncalled expenses, reduce air pollution, and ensure workers are not exposed to toxic emissions.

Keep Records

When leaks do occur, it is important to keep detailed data relating to the size and location of the leak. Detailed records can help personnel quickly fix internal infrastructure problems and make improvements to current safety procedures.

Set Safety Goals

In the event of a gas leak, personnel should be well-educated of the facility’s evacuation and general safety measures to ensure no one is affected. Regular safety drills for the various possible hazards should also be performed to ensure staff know what to do in case of an emergency. In addition, people that work in high-risk areas should have portable gas leak detectors accessible.

Tips to Prevent Gas Leaks in Industrial Facilities - ION ScienceImprove Monitoring

If a plant may be susceptible to gas leakage, a fixed gas detection system should be in place. Portable gas detectors should also be used to detect leaks remotely, allowing personnel to notify the facility, and ensure quick and safe evacuation.

ION Science offers a range of leak detectors for rapid, accurate gas leak measurements, like the GasCheck G. Designed for the search and location of gas leaks, the GasCheck G provides effective detection of almost any gas or gas mixture.

This handheld instrument gives stable, repeatable readings of all detected gases, including helium, with its audible sounder. Utilizing an advanced system of micro-thermal technology, GasCheck G detects gas leaks down to cc/sec, mg/m3or ppm levels.

To learn more about the GasCheck G or other leak detectors offered by ION Science, contact us today.