The Role of Gas Detection in Power Generation

By 8th March 2019Gas Detection

In the power generation industry, fuel sources that are burned to produce electricity emit combustible gases into the atmosphere.

The Role of Gas Detection in Power Generation - ION Science

No matter the type of power facility, gas, fire and other hazards pose significant risk to employee and environmental safety, and can disrupt the supply of energy to commercial and residential customers. 

Gas detection systems are essential for the detection of flammable and toxic gases within various, diverse applications, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur oxides and other particles. 

Because the tolerance of pollutants and emissions from power generation equipment is declining, gas detection systems can address several of these key issues, providing early warning of fire to increase personnel safety and decrease equipment downtime for greater productivity. 

Although gas detection requirements vary widely based upon the usage of coal, oil or natural gas, they are becoming increasingly necessary due to productivity demand and liability insurance stipulations. 

Gas detection systems promote intelligence, efficiency and safety for all power generation sources. In addition, they are used to help in remote monitoring and enable interoperability and integration of devices. 

ION Science offers a range of SF6 equipment capable of continually detecting leaks from high voltage switchgear to ensure worksite safety within the power generation industry. 

The Role of Gas Detection in Power Generation - ION Science

With an advanced system of micro-thermal conductivity, leak detectors from ION Science provide accurate, rapid measurements where personal exposure may occur.

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