VOC Detection for Efficient and Safer Aviation Applications

The detection of toxic and combustible gases, such as helium, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, in aviation applications is vital for safety and economic conditions.

VOC Detection for Efficient and Safer Aviation Application - ION Science

A large percentage of the work involved in properly inspecting and modifying aviation fuel tanks and their associated systems must be done in the interior of the tanks. Performing the necessary tasks requires inspection and maintenance personnel to enter the tank, where potential leaks can lead to hazardous conditions. These potential hazards include fire and explosion, toxic and irritating chemicals, oxygen deficiency, and the confined nature of the tank itself. 

The physical build of the tank itself can create hazards. Though the interior dimensions of fuel tanks vary considerably, a relatively small amount of chemical inside the enclosed space can create significant levels of flammable of toxic vapor. 

In addition, jet fuel is a flammable liquid and can be ignited given certain ambient conditions, primarily temperature and vapor concentration. At high concentrations, jet fuel and other hydrocarbons can affect the nervous systems, causing headaches, dizziness and lack of coordination. Chemicals may also cause chronic health issues, such as liver and kidney damage. 

VOC Detection for Efficient and Safer Aviation Application - ION Science

Operators and repair stations can protect maintenance personnel from these hazards by implementing gas detection systems. To ensure the atmosphere in the tank is suitable for entry, the conditions should be properly monitored for oxygen concentration, flammable vapor concentration and toxic vapor concentration.  

ION Science offers personal, handheld and fixed VOC detectors capable of detecting various gases within the aviation industry. With patented PID technology, our measurement solutions will guarantee a safer working environment for workers potentially exposed to elevated VOC concentrations.

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